Non-Slip Leg Bands For Women


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With our premium hip resistance bands. They address those women who are tired of mini loop bands that roll up and dig into the skin. It’s over! Our cloth resistance bands for legs and butt have a grippy inner layer perfectly designed to work out with no worries.

These fabric resistance bands have light medium and heavy resistance levels due to the fabric composition and not the length of the hip bands. They have the same size and they are the best glute bands for assisting 80-day obsession, pilates, yoga, Crossfit, insanity, but also for doing at-home workouts like squats, kickbacks, hip bridges

Access to complete workout videos included- 3 hip bands + 1 cute pink travel bag + workout exercises book besides the thick non-slip resistance bands you will get a pink carry bag to always keep them clean and a complete set of 8 exercises to start working out.


Material: Cotton
Number Of Resistance Levels: 3

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